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Weak Signal Detection Experiment Box

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  • Weak signal detection
  • Microvolt signal harmonics measurement
  • Micro impedance measurement
  • Resistance thermal noise measurement
  • Bio-impedance measurement
Sun Yat-sen Physics National Demonstration Center engaged in scientific research and teaching equipment about weak signal detection for more than 10 years, launched a series of weak signal detection instruments for scientific research and experimental teaching, and applied for dozens of patents. The OE1022 facing to scientific research has excellent performance on stability, convergence speed and measurement, and has been widely used and recognized in hundreds of scientific research institutes in home and abroad. In recent years, it has won the first prize of "10 years Symposium of Achievements Exhibition of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Colleges and Universities" and the first prize of "2016 Homemade Instrument for Physics Experimental Teaching in Colleges and Universities of China". The center launched the teaching lock-in amplifier OE1022E and the weak signal detection teaching experiment box OE5001, which can effectively cultivate students with non-electronic background such as physics, chemistry and biology to grasp the modern technical means of weak signal detection and deeply understand the principle of weak signal detection .

The function of the teaching experiment box mainly includes signal extraction, samll impedance measurement, white noise measuremnet and sound speed measurement from strong noise with teaching videos and teaching handouts supporting. The teaching contents include weak siganl detection experiment  under strong noise, micro-voltage signal harmonic measurement experiment, micro impedance measurement experiment, resistance thermal noise measurement experiment, bioimpedance measurement, such as human body resistance and skin resistance measurement experiment, chemistry Applications such as multi-electrode chemical impedance analyzers.   

1.  Small impedance measurement in milliohm level which can be extended to the chemical impedance and bio-impedance measurement experiment.

2.  Extracting signal from strong noise when the noise is one thousand or even ten thousand times  the signal.

3.  The varactor diode junction capacitance variation under different bias.

4.  Micro-level square wave of the harmonic amplitude detection.

5.  Resistance of white noise at room temperature measurement and theoretical verification.

Weak Signal Detection from Strong Noise


Weak signal detection when noise is more than one hundred times of the signal

Weak Signal Multi-harmonic measurement in Reference Signal Channel


Harmonic amplitude detection of micro-volts

Small Impedance Measurement


Milliohm impedance measurement

Varactor Junction Capacitance Measurement


The varactor diode junction capacitance variation under different bias